Toyota exec hints at end of production for Land Cruiser 70

It appears another iconic vehicle is destined for the chopping block due to tightening safety and emissions requirements.

Earlier this year we saw more than three decades of continuous Land Rover Defender production finally came to end.

Now we’re hearing the Toyota Land Cruiser 70, another 1980s-era SUV, will suffer the same fate in the not too distant future.

The Land Cruiser 70 has been in production since 1984, and although it’s been updated over the years the popular workhorse still resembles the original version rolled out all those years ago.

Limited to a few select markets

It’s limited to only a few select markets, one of which is Australia where local Toyota executive Greg Gardner told Motoring that the vehicle will likely be phased out in about five years.

“There are no plans to replace the 70 series,” Gardner is reported to have said. “Five years down the track it will probably peter out.”

Toyota’s much more modern Hilux, which is also quite capable of handling tough conditions, is a popular alternative to the Land Cruiser 70. And there’s also the latest 200 series Land Cruiser for buyers looking for a plusher SUV that can still handle the roughest terrain.


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