Updated BMW 2002 Homage heading to The Quail

Earlier in the year, BMW trotted out a surprise guest at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. It was a modern reimagining of the iconic BMW 2002. That car, called the 2002 Homage Concept, started life as a standard M2 and then was transformed into a concept car.

Now, BMW says its prepping an updated version of the concept, and it’s headed to The Quail during Pebble Beach car week.

We’re nearing 50th anniversary of the famed BMW 2002, which means the Bavarian automaker is prepared to celebrate one of its past greats. The 2002, or more specifically the 2002 Turbo, is being praised for its past glory while the Homage Concept seeks to pay tribute to it with forward thinking style.

It’s an exercise in design that takes the idea of a past classic and brings it into today’s world, and perhaps even a bit beyond. The M2 is the perfect platform for a modern 2002 Turbo to take shape.

We were big fans of the version of the car shown on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. We can’t wait to see what BMW’s design team has in store for the updated version. 


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