Vauxhall kills off 'Grand Slam' name for Adam S

Name changes aren’t uncommon in the automotive world, but its unusual for a car to be rebadged just weeks after its launch. Yet Vauxhall has now officially confirmed the new hot Adam city car will lose the ‘Grand Slam’ title and return to being the Adam S.

The unusual u-turn won’t affect customers who’ve taken delivery, as handily the 148bhp city car already receives ‘S’ badging because the UK is the only market where it was to be branded ‘Grand Slam’. 

Vauxhall has admitted the move is designed to “make it clearer for customers” who were confused or put off by the wacky name. It was a decision taken after feedback from journalists and figures in the car industry who were less the complementary about the branding.

Auto Express was told at the original launch that the name ‘Grand Slam’ would be used in the UK because Vauxhall’s entry-level Corsa was available in ‘S’ trim. Bosses were worried that it would make the top-spec Adam come across as a bargain-basement model.

The hot Adam’s name has already changed on Vauxhall’s website, and the rest of the car remains entirely unchanged, including the £16,995 pricetag.

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