Vinfast claims 330-mile EPA range for three-row VF 9

Vinfast announced Monday that at least one of the versions of its upcoming three-row electric SUV, due for U.S. deliveries later this fall, will achieve a 330-mile EPA range.

That’s higher than the 300 miles anticipated for some single-motor versions of the upcoming Kia EV9. It also appears to take on the Rivian R1S, which earns up to 352 miles with its middle of three battery options, called Large Pack. Vinfast hasn’t made mention of off-road capability built into the VF 9, however.

The VF 9 also gained revised pricing for the U.S. market. The Eco model costs $83,000, and the Plus, which the company claims is good for a 291-mile EPA range rating, starts at $91,000. 

Those prices are a tremendous hike versus those announced in April 2022—$56,000 with the larger battery, as rated here, or $61,000 in VF 9 Plus form. That’s because at that time the company was betting on a unique model revolving around a battery subscription.

Vinfast VF 9

Vinfast VF 9

Based on previous specs verified with Vinfast, and those posted on Vinfast’s consumer site, the VF 9 appears to have achieved that with the 123-kwh battery pack. The company claims a 10-70% DC fast-charging session in 35 minutes.

Vinfast’s claimed range ratings haven’t yet been posted by the EPA.

The VF 9 has dual-motor all-wheel drive, with a single electric motor providing 402 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. Vinfast touts the VF 9’s advanced driver-assistance features and smart services within the vehicle, noting that they’re “continuously updated.”

2023 Vinfast VF 8 City Edition

2023 Vinfast VF 8 City Edition

Vinfast has come a long way with its products, very quickly. An early preview of a Vinfast VF 8 prototype last year suggested that the company had more development yet to go in a vehicle that was being called a final-stage prototype. In a review of the Vinfast VF 8 in production form in May, Green Car Reports found this electric crossover to be riddled with issues, with quality control all over the map and various niggles with the driver-assistance features—although the interface itself was a high point of the experience. 

The VF 9 will initially be exported to the U.S. market, but it’s one of the models the company plans to build in North Carolina starting in 2024, with a targeted 150,000 vehicles for year due from the plant.

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