Volkswagen plans to launch one electric car per month starting in 2022

Left to right: Volkswagen ID, ID Buzz and ID Crozz concepts

Left to right: Volkswagen ID, ID Buzz and ID Crozz concepts

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Volkswagen will open the floodgates in 2022 and launch a new electric car every month as it works aggressively to electrify its portfolio, the automaker said.

VW CEO Matthias Müeller told journalists Tuesday in Berlin that 30 electric cars will be launched by 2025, according to Autocar. Volkswagen calls the plan “Together – Strategy 2025” and it includes plans for 300 electrified vehicles by 2030, many of which will be electrified versions of current models.

Müller said the strategy will kick off with the Volkswagen ID, its first purpose-built electric car, which will likely replace the e-Golf. The about-face for electrification starting in 2022 was due to Dieselgate, he said.

“The diesel scandal told us there was a need for radical change; the crisis has acted as a catalyst,” said Muller.

To accommodate production, Müller said the company will adapt nine production sites to handle electric-vehicle production. The figure will grow to 16 by 2022. The automaker will add even more EV-production sites as the market demands. Previously, VW said it estimates 25 percent of new car buyers will seek an electric car by 2025.

In the United States, VW will produce the ID Buzz electric van, along with a cargo van and a hatchback by 2022. Though, the reborn Microbus’ arrival will spell the end of the Beetle.

The automaker also has shown the ID Crozz concept, an electric crossover, and recently revealed the ID Vizzion concept, which may preview an electric Phaeton successor. We also hear a sporty electric hatchback may be part of the product onslaught.

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