Watch Gordon Murray's sign-off drive for the T.50 supercar

Gordon Murray Automotive’s T.50 is now ready for deliveries, roughly four years after the V-12 supercar was first announced.

The final stage of the development was a sign-off drive by company founder Gordon Murray. GMA has released a video showing Murray during his sign-off drive, and it’s clear from his emotions that the T.50 will hold its own against other supercars on the market, and possibly also Murray’s last V-12 supercar, the McLaren F1.

Murray calls the T.50 the true successor to the F1. Similarities include a central driving position, a lightweight carbon-fiber tub, a high-revving V-12 (up to 12,100 rpm), and a 6-speed manual transmission. There’s also similar styling across both cars.

“This really is the next F1, and that was my intention,” Murray said after the drive. “The T.50 had to deliver all that car did, but better—and that’s what it does.”