Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Weighs Only 1,653 Pounds

Yamaha is the latest contributor to the lightweight, small sports car trend with its Sports Ride concept unveiled at the Tokyo auto show. A two-seat coupe that’s about the size of a Mazda MX-5 Miata, the Yamaha Sports Ride is meant to provide a driving experience that’s like riding a motorcycle.
Even though its footprint is somewhat similar to a Miata, the Yamaha Sports Ride concept weighs a lot less—only 1,653 pounds, to be specific. Yamaha hasn’t provided many technical details at this point, but the Sports Ride does use the same iStream lightweight technology as the Yamaha Motiv.e city car concept shown at the last Tokyo auto show in 2013. Both cars were developed with Gordon Murray Design, and we can assume that the Sports Ride concept uses a similar construction to the Motiv.e, which had a steel frame and bonded composite monocoque panels.
Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Rear Three Quarter

What’s under the hood is a mystery, but it’s possible that the Yamaha Sports Ride concept packs an electric drivetrain. There’s certainly no manual shifter in the sparsely trimmed cockpit. The Motiv.e city car used an electric motor with a 12-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, but it’s safe to assume that this sports car concept might pack a bit more power than that.

The Sports Ride concept’s design definitely suggests a focus on performance. It has mid-engine proportions, with a low hood and a short wheelbase, and has plenty of aggressive vents and scoops along the side. LED headlights and taillights make for a futuristic look, and the sharply creased angles give off the impression of a scaled-down McLaren P1 hypercar.

We don’t know at this point if Yamaha has any production plans for this interesting sports car concept, but stay tuned to hear more about the Sports Ride to see if it has a future.

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