2021 Audi Q4 spy shots

It was in early 2017 that Audi first confirmed plans to add a Q4 to its lineup, and now we have the first spy shots.

The Q4 is a compact crossover SUV with a coupe-like profile based on the same structure as the recently redesigned Q3. Its main targets are the BMW X2, Jaguar E-Pace, Lexus UX and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Audi previewed the vehicle in 2014 with its TT Offroad concept. Audi was unable to call the concept a Q4 because the rights to the name were owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, though the situation has since changed and the production model spawned has been confirmed as a Q4.

The design has evolved considerably since the TT Offroad was first shown. The spy shots show that the Q4 wears distinct styling cues to set it apart from the TT. The final result should resemble a scaled-down Q8.

Audi TT Offroad concept, 2014 Beijing Auto Show

Audi TT Offroad concept, 2014 Beijing Auto Show

The mechancials, along with most of the interior design, have been lifted directly from the Q3. This means the latest version of Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform, front-wheel drive as standard with available all-wheel drive, and a range of turbocharged inline-4s each coming with either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The Q4 is yet to be announced for the United States but we’ll likely see it arrive with a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 delivering 252 horsepower. And since Audi no longer offers manual transmissions here, the dual-clutch ‘box is all we’ll see.

A high-performance RS Q4 is a strong possibility given Audi’s work on a new generation of the RS Q3. This model would feature a turbocharged inline-4 with 400 hp or more.

Audi should unveil the Q4 in the second half of 2019. We’ll likely see it launched locally for the 2021 model year.

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