2021 Ford Mustang-inspired electric SUV teased in new video, photos

Ford’s performance-oriented electric SUV due in 2020 has been previewed in a new teaser video and photos.

They join a previous teaser sketch that reveals the rear of the SUV and confirms the rumors that the Mustang served as inspiration for the design.

It looks like the Mustang’s three-bar taillight design and flat rear are present, and the powerful rear haunches also look like they’ve been lifted straight off the iconic muscle car.

2021 Ford electric SUV teaser

2021 Ford electric SUV teaser

Prototypes have also been spotted and suggest that more Mustang cues will feature at the front. The list includes the shape of the headlights, the steeply raked windshield, and the proportions of the nose. The resulting design should be something akin to the Chevrolet Blazer, which borrows cues from the Camaro.

Ford hasn’t said much of the SUV but we should know more soon as a concept is due later this year, most likely at November’s Los Angeles Auto Show. What we can confirm is that the SUV will have 300 miles of range, though it isn’t clear if this range will be for a standard or range-topping model.

Production of the SUV was originally slated for Ford’s Flat Rock plant in Michigan but is now expected to take place at a plant in Mexico.

2021 Ford electric SUV teaser

2021 Ford electric SUV teaser

Oh, and it will no longer be called a Mach 1, as Ford had originally planned. The latest rumors point to something along the lines of Mach E.

The SUV is part of Ford’s plan to launch 16 electric cars by the end of 2022, some of which are being developed exclusively for the Chinese market. Ford has a dedicated team of engineers working on EVs. Called Team Edison, the team has greater autonomy than you’d normally find at the automaker in order to accelerate the development process.

A more mainstream electric crossover closer in positioning to the Ford Escape is also thought to be in the works, and Ford has confirmed it is developing an electric F-150 pickup truck. Ford has also made a $500 million investment in Rivian, and said it would use the American EV startup’s modular platform for a future model. Lincoln will get some EVs, too. In fact, a reskinned version of the Mustang-inspired SUV is expected to be sold by Lincoln.

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