Aston Martin DB10 from “Spectre” Sells for $3.5 Million

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Daniel Craig may have played James Bond in “Spectre,” but he won’t get to keep the slick Aston Martin DB10 he drove all over Europe in the film. An Aston Martin DB10 sold at auction in London for an incredible $3.5 million yesterday, with all proceeds benefiting Doctors Without Borders.
Aston Martin built only ten DB10 coupes, eight of which were modified for performing stunts during filming of “Spectre.” The other two were kept as show cars, and one of those models is the one that went to auction. Even if the proceeds from the auction weren’t headed to charity, we’re sure bidders would have paid a pretty penny for a car that was limited to just ten units worldwide. This is, after all, the only one of those ten DB10s that will ever be sold to the public.
As we found when we got a chance to drive the ultra-exclusive Aston Martin DB10, it was a vehicle that would leave drivers shaken and stirred. “The V-8 has lots of midrange punch and a gruff, top-end bark—we immediately prefer its brawling personality to that of the DB5’s boggy inline-six or the high-strung V-12 of the DBS,” we wrote. “The steering is direct, its power delivery is predictable, and its chassis planted. It rattles, clangs, and bangs like the hurriedly built prototype that it is, but it drives like a fully developed sports car.”

To the lucky, well-heeled buyer who snagged the DB10? We hope you put it to good use and drive it, and don’t just leave it to collect dust in a museum.

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