BAC Builds a More Spacious Version of its Mono Sports Car

BAC’s track-ready Mono is a laser-accurate sniper rifle built for demolishing lap times. When unleashing the Mono, you set your sights on your prey and rip down the road with a ferocity that begs to be believed. Last year, when I had the chance to drive a Mono, I came to realize that the Mono is one of the most brilliant, fantastic cars ever devised. But with its back-to-basics approach and compact larger human beings — like someone with my 6-foot, 4-inch frame — weren’t the Mono’s intended audience. Unfortunately, we can’t all be built like race car drivers. Given that sad truth, BAC’s engineers have recently made things a bit roomier for the newest generation of the Mono.
Revised BAC Mono Front Three Quarter In Motion

To accommodate bigger-boned individuals, BAC moved the edges of the car’s tubular chassis outward and decreased the width of some of the car’s body panels. There’s now an extra 0.9 inch of width within the chassis, with 0.1 inch of extra space thanks to the new body panels. In total, engineers were able to increase the overall usable width of the interior by 2.2 inches, which doesn’t sound like all that much, but when you have a single-seat street-legal race car, every little bit makes a difference in driver comfort.

Even with the BAC increasing the inner dimensions of the Mono, the car retains both its previous outer dimensions and weight, which still tips the scales at barely 1,300 lbs. In Europe, the Mono’s Mountune-tuned 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine produces a wild 305 hp, enough to get the Mono to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds.

These welcome changes to the Mono’s chassis come as a result of customer feedback to the company. BAC’s co-founder Ian Briggs said in a statement that, “Every change we make to the Mono is aimed at improving it for our customers, and this upgrade is intended to make the most of the space for the driver. Thanks to the close relationship we enjoy with our customers, we are in regular dialogue with them and this change has come as a result of this.”

The BAC Mono has a starting price of $200,000 here in the U.S.

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