Citroen Cactus M Concept is a Quirky Beach Car

Citroen is known for its strange and avant-garde approach to automotive design, as evidenced in the wacky Citroen C4 Cactus compact crossover. Now, building on the already goofy Cactus, Citroen pulled the covers off a new concept car ahead of its official debut at the Frankfurt auto show.
The new Citroen Cactus M Concept is essentially a crop-top C4 Cactus, with an open-air cabin walled by low-cut doors and wood-accented roll hoops in the rear. The doors themselves have been created using the same air-puffed plastic molding as the production C4 Cactus, protecting the car from sand, water, and rock scratches.
Citroen Cactus M Concept Top Rear Three Quarters

On the subjects of water and sand, the Cactus M was designed with these vehicular hazards in mind, with the interior and exterior materials chosen and treated for their resistance against these elements. Special water- and salt-resistant fabric covers the seats, allowing the drivers to enjoy time on the beach without having to hose themselves off before getting in their car. The bright red-and-black neoprene interior can be hosed down and emptied through floor drainplugs, allowing for quick cleanup.

The entire concept was designed with surfing in mind, and as such, the wood-accented roll hoop has fixtures for mounting two surfboards.

Citroen Cactus M Concept Rear Three Quarters

When the weather turns nasty, the Cactus M features a special inflatable roof section that is stored in the rear trunk. The roof is modular, meaning the car can be turned into a bivouac-like structure, with rear seats that fold down for an area for either storage or sleeping.

Take a look at the wild Citroen Cactus M concept ahead of its 2015 Frankfurt auto show debut in the photo gallery below.

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