Electric Jeep Wrangler concept set for 2021 Moab Easter Safari

Jeep has provided an early look at a battery-electric Wrangler concept set for a debut this spring.

The electric Wrangler is set to debut at this year’s Easter Jeep Safari starting March 27 in Moab, Utah, which the organizers confirm is still on despite recent media reports that the event has been canceled due to Covid-19 coronavirus restrictions.

A teaser image shows how engineers have squeezed in some batteries into the Wrangler’s chassis. We can also spot driveshafts pointing front and rear, meaning the electric Wrangler won’t rely solely on electric motors to form its four-wheel-drive system.

Teaser for battery-electric Jeep Wrangler concept

Teaser for battery-electric Jeep Wrangler concept

This won’t be the first electric Wrangler concept from Jeep. The off-road brand showed a Wrangler with an extended-range electric powertrain in 2008. It had enough batteries for 40 miles of pure electric range, and a small gasoline engine serving exclusively as a range extender.

This time Jeep seems serious about electrification. We’ve already seen Jeep add a plug-in hybrid powertrain to the Wrangler for 2021, and plug-in hybrid options will be added to the rest of the lineup in the coming years.

Jeep also plans to install charging stations powered by solar energy at popular locations for Jeep owners, such as Moab, as well as California’s Rubicon Trail. It means owners of plug-in hybrid Wranglers (and possible future electric Wranglers) will be able to hit the trails while producing zero emissions.

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