Faraday Future FF 91 interior has 11 screens

The Faraday Future FF 91 is a wild EV concept promising lofty performance numbers, but one of the most-significant numerical figures may just be the quantity of displays it boasts. 

That number is 11.

Faraday Future refers to the FF 91 as a concept for the “third Internet living space,” or the third “smart” frontier. The first was smartphones, Faraday Future says; the second, smart television. The third? The car. Faraday Future believes that the space occupied in between the home and other key points in a person’s life should be just as smart as those destinations.

“We are now living an increasingly busy lifestyle, and we demand to be continuously connected anytime and anywhere,” said company CEO Carsten Breitfeld. “As we typically travel between home and our destinations every day, the car provides a safe and comfortable means of transportation, however, the time in transit is often considered ‘down’ time. FF is here to change that.”

The FF 91 has 10 easily identifiable screens in its interior—six up front and three in the rear. The final “screen” is a head-up display.

We’ll start in the front, where we find the most-critical of those displays: a 15.4-inch central infotainment display dubbed the “Predictive Home Screen,” which tailors itself to its owner’s routines, prompting drivers with frequently used apps and navigation routes upon start-up.

Faraday Future FF 91 interior

Faraday Future FF 91 interior

On either side of this are two other key screens. The driver’s side features an 11.6-inch instrument cluster display, while the passenger side has another massive screen that displays information and entertainment features. In the windshield, there’s a head-up displayed focused at a distance just under 9 feet from the driver. A 10.1-inch rearview camera display screen hangs from the windshield. Each of the four doors also has a screen that handles climate and seat controls, as well as sound zones and entertainment functions.

In the rear, we find our final four. While Faraday’s announcement only points out the massive 27-inch “Cinema Experience” display that drops from the roof and the control screens in the doors, there is indeed a fourth. It is visible atop the center armrest, and we can only surmise it houses controls for the aforementioned monster entertainment system. 

Faraday Future FF 91 interior

Faraday Future FF 91 interior

Faraday Future’s future (sorry) remains uncertain. While the 1,050-horsepower luxury EV certainly seems like a promising concept, the company has been plagued by funding nightmares, sketchy leadership, and multiple near-death experiences. Already two years behind schedule, the FF 91 may become the Tesla conqueror the company’s founders wanted, or remain one of the coolest pieces of vaporware to ever be proposed. Only time will tell.

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