Ferrari F12tdf Revealed at Finali Mondiale

Ferrari has just slipped the silk off the new Ferrari F12tdf in Florence, and it might be the meanest Ferrari this side of the LaFerrari.

In person, it looks longer than a submarine and as wide as a Bentley. The F12’s grand proportions are chiseled further on the tdf model with aggressive add-ons like a larger rear spoiler, various extra louvers and vents, and all kinds of carbon-fiber accents.

Ferrari F12 Tdf Reveal Profile

And if you’re going to step up to the tdf, you’d better come packing. Maranello’s engineers forced 40 extra horsepower out of the 6.3-liter V-12 for a total of 769 hp. Torque is upped a bit to 519 lb-ft, and the gallop from 0-60 mph will take a hair under 2.9 seconds to achieve.

“It’s all about air,” Ferrari design director Flavio Manzoni mentioned to a few of us gathered earlier in the day, referring to aerodynamic styling. “Air is the most important and first element we look at, and affects everything in our design.” At 124 mph, the tdf produces double the downforce of the F12 Berlinetta thanks to the larger rear spoiler, a new front splitter, and a so-called “aerobridge” on the front fender.

Bathed in a carbon-fiber tuxedo, the Ferrari F12tdf isn’t just for enthusiasts. It’s a precisely tuned track bully. Up close and on the bright lights of the stage, every eyeful of tdf is packed with carbon-fiber, all of which helps the tdf shed 242 pounds compared to the standard F12.

Ferrari F12 Tdf Reveal Front End Close

Fittingly, this newest pride of Maranello was unveiled at this weekend’s big Finali Mondiale event by Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne and F1 world champion and current Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen. The Finali is the global finals of Ferrari’s amateur race program, where interested owners are invited by their dealers to spec a track-only car, work with Ferrari race instructors, and fund a pit crew that travels with them to the various circuits throughout the year.

“These are people who may have been race car drivers in another life, but industry, or other pursuits took them on another path. Here, they get to indulge their passion for racing,” a Ferrari spokesman explained.

The price for a year on the circuit? Unofficially, we hear if you shell a million bucks, you might get a little change back. The race car of course, is yours for keeps.

With about 70 of the top Corse Clienti racers as they’re referred to in attendance, the Finali Mondiale may be the most relevant venue to show off the new race-focused Ferrari F12tdf. Enjoy a scroll through our gallery of the latest Italian candy.

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