Jay Leno's 1968 Ford Bronco gets a Shelby GT500 transplant

Darn it, Jay gets to have all the fun.

First the funny man was gifted a 1968 Ford Bronco on the eve of his last taping of the “Tonight Show” back in 2014 from fellow television host Craig Ferguson, and now he’s had the iconic off-roader fully restored. Oh, it’s also received an engine swap from the 760-horsepower Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

Leno’s restored Bronco was unveiled on Tuesday at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The project was a collaborative effort split between noted Bronco licensee Kincer Chassis, Dennis Carpenter Ford Restorations, and LGE-CTS Motorsports. The latter handled most of the restoration, including reviving the body with new sheet metal, custom body mods, paint, and final assembly.