Lucid teases dynamic testing for Air sedan, updates on Arizona factory

Lucid has just teased something that’s utterly essential in a luxury sedan with 1,000 horsepower on tap: finesse. 

In a video released today, Lucid presents a brief look at the Lucid Air’s dynamic cold-weather testing, conducted several months ago in Northern Minnesota. The Air is seen on a circle track, getting into both sustained oversteer and full-on four-wheel drift acrobatics, and handling various maneuvers in a snow field and on pure ice.

Temperatures dropped as low as -27 degrees F when testing, and engineers were able to test and adjust a number of vehicle systems with the two beta prototypes in extreme conditions, and on surfaces with very limited traction that demanded quickness and finesse. “The extreme environment is ideal for validating vehicle dynamics as we test features like antilock braking, traction control, and stability control,” the company said.