McLaren 750S gets color spectrum-style fade from the factory

McLaren via its MSO personalization division will offer buyers of the 750S supercar a color fade option known as the Spectrum Theme.

Three colors are available, including Spectrum Blue, Spectrum Orange, and Spectrum Gray. Each features the same color spectrum-style fade pattern, which is formed using seven different shades of paint.

Color fades have become popular in the tuning scene, though are typically applied as a printed wrap. Actually painting a fade is a much more complex process, and adding the color spectrum introduces new challenges.

McLaren had to develop bespoke paint mixes for each of the seven shades that make up each Spectrum Theme. This was important as just the right amount of light and dark tones are required to form a natural-looking shift in color, the automaker said.

McLaren 750S with Spectrum Theme by MSO finish

McLaren 750S with Spectrum Theme by MSO finish

The team at MSO then had to apply the paint in a manner that suits the shut lines and aerodynamic sculpting of the 750S. The automaker said the surfaces of the doors were a particularly tough challenge.

“A huge degree of attention and accuracy is required to ensure the lines of the spectrum are completely sympathetic to the surface of the 750S’s incredible bodywork,” Michael McDonagh, MSO’s director, said in a statement.

Another challenge is the rear color, which consists of its own fade, similar to the simpler Velocity Theme fade previously offered on the 720S. Here, the Spectrum Blue option uses Metallic Aurora Blue at the rear. The Spectrum Orange option uses Gamma Red Metallic at the rear, and the Spectrum Gray option uses Metallic Meteorite Gray at the rear.

McLaren said more color spectrum-style fade options are coming, including with new fade patterns. The automaker didn’t say whether these new options will be offered on models other than the 750S.

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