Project 917 looks to crowd fund track day reproductions

Project 917 group aims to build reproductions of the iconic race car

Project 917 group aims to build reproductions of the iconic race car

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An ambitious group of like-minded folks aim to produce a track-day special that should set your senses tingling. Called Project 917, the team there are looking to produce a real, track day-oriented Porsche 917 and they’re turning to the power of crowdfunding for help. Along the way, the team hopes to involve young talent to turn this process into a culture of learning as well.

We just want to hear more about the car, personally.

The goal of Project 917 seems to be more than the creation of a new high-dollar toy for track junkies though. There will be a membership program where those who join up will have opportunities to live out their Le Mans fantasies. We hope there’s a bit of signing off on the skills of the given members to make sure the 917 reproductions stay on the tarmac for a bit.

Caveats abound: The crowdfunding site is not yet up. There are no details of the car. And this isn’t the first attempt by someone out there to bring a Porsche 917 to life.

Regardless of all that, it doesn’t mean we’re not excited to see Project 917 move forward. A number of companies create truly glorious reproductions or continuation versions of our past heroes. Perhaps this team is ready and capable to bring Porsche glory to those well-heeled enough for what we’re assuming will not be an inexpensive ride.

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