Scion Brings Customized iM, iA Models to SEMA

As befits a brand that puts a big priority on tuner culture, Scion is bringing a few different customized cars to the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas next week. The modifications center around the Scion iM hatchback and the Scion iA sedan, both new models for the 2016 model year.
Illest 2016 Scion IM 01

“Illest” Scion iM

The 2016 Scion iM was used for Scion’s annual Tuner Challenge, which pits teams from different tuners against each other to create different takes on the car. Each team this year got a Scion iM and $15,000, and one of the entries was the so-called “Illest 2016 Scion iM.” It features a dark-grey color scheme outside and a suede and leather interior, along with 19-inch wheels and a Brembo brake package. An air suspension lowers the car, while the interior also benefits from a Momo shift knob and plenty of audio upgrades like amiplifiers and subwoofers.

2016 Scion IM By Crooks And Castles 01

“Crooks & Castles” Scion iM

Another entry in the Tuner Challenge was the iM done up by Crooks & Castles, who turned the mainstream hatch into a sort of rally-car clone. A full roll cage, race seats, a rally steering wheel, and a Nardi shift knob spice things up on the inside, while an air suspension, a body kit, and upgraded tires round out the upgrades. The whole car is finished in black, with contrasting white Rotiform wheels.

Scion will pick a winner between these two cars at the Los Angeles auto show later this year, awarding $10,000 to the winning team.

2016 Scion IA By Eddie Huang 11

Scion iA by Eddie Huang

The smaller 2016 Scion iA sedan, based on the Mazda2, also goes under the knife for SEMA. The first modified iA was developed with Eddie Huang, known for his book “Fresh off the Boat” that also spawned a TV series. His version of the iA is meant to look like a classic lowrider, with shaved-off door handles and a wild color scheme that incorporates so-called “root beer accents” with the yellow paint. The iA also has white-wall tires and gold multi-spoke wheels, a customized sound system, suede accents for the interior, and an air bag suspension system that can move the car side to side, front to back, and even go onto three wheels.

2016 Scion IA By Skybound Entertainment And Robert Kirkman Outcast 01

Scion iA by Skybound Entertainment

The other modified Scion iA is based off a comic book called “Outcast.” A sinister paint scheme consists of orange, black, and green accents, and the car is meant to look like it’s possessed by a demon. To further the effect, certain lighting and audio effects emit smoke, play spooky sounds, and flash different colors.

All four of these customized Scion models will be on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas next week.

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