Superchargers at the Strip: Tesla rolls out first entire V3 station in Las Vegas

Want to leave whatever happened in Las Vegas? Tesla is allowing its owners—especially those with a Model 3—to do just that, with a very speedy recharge right on the Strip. 

That’s where Tesla, on Thursday, officially opened its first station that entirely features V3 fast-charging hardware. Although V3 has already been introduced at several locations, including Tesla’s Fremont, California, manufacturing base, this is the first station that doesn’t pair it alongside V2 hardware. 

Tesla Supercharger V3 station - Las Vegas Strip

Tesla Supercharger V3 station – Las Vegas Strip

With V3 hardware, vehicles no longer split charging power between posts, so every single V3 charger there will run at up to 250 kw—if and when the car allows it—even when they’re all in use. With the V3 hardware, Tesla owners will be able to recover up to 180 miles of range in just 15 minutes (in a Model 3 Long Range). 

The station includes 24 V3 Superchargers, along with 15 Level 2 Tesla Wall Connectors for those parking at the site for a longer time. 

The Strip location will be Tesla’s largest Supercharger station in Nevada. Tesla says that the site can service 1,500 owners per day—far beyond the 6,500 Supercharging sessions per month seen in the Las Vegas area prior to this site’s opening. 

Tesla Supercharger V3 station - Las Vegas Strip

Tesla Supercharger V3 station – Las Vegas Strip

Tesla says that the Supercharger site is built on Caesars Entertainment property located just off the Strip, below the High Roller or the LINQ promenade. Tesla says that it supports Caesars’ “CodeGreen” goal to cut greenhouse-gas emissions 30 percent by 2025.

Access to the site is free for those staying under an hour, and Caesars says that its guests with Platinum, Diamond and 7-star Status will get complimentary Supercharger access with their card. 

The station also serves as a new design template for Tesla Supercharger stations, with solar canopies providing shade to users plus solar energy to on-site Powerpack batteries. 

So while you might end up leaving what happened in Las Vegas in Las Vegas, you’ll be seeing plenty more like that new Supercharger station that helped you get away.