Viritech Apricale: Exotic-looking fuel-cell-powered hydrogen hypercar is a "statement of intent"

United Kingdom-based startup Viritech is developing a hydrogen fuel-cell hypercar, but it doesn’t plan to become a full-time automaker. Rather, the Viritech Apricale will serve as a flashy demonstrator for the startup’s hydrogen tech.

The Apricale was announced in January, and in April Viritech said development work would take place at the MIRA Technology Park, built around the UK auto industry’s main proving ground. Viritech hasn’t discussed specifications, but said the car will be built in limited volumes, and will serve as a “start point”  for a business model that will eventually encompass fuel-cell tech for heavy-duty trucks, marine, aerospace, and power-generation applications.

As we’ve pointed out many times, battery-electric vehicles have a strong advantage over hydrogen fuel cell vehicles because they’re inherently twice as efficient. But Viritech claims the Apricale will have “half the mass of a battery car,” which should help performance.

In a video released in March, executives said Viritech plans to focus on developing intellectual property that can be licensed to existing manufacturers. For example, aside from the Apricale, Viritech’s other major current project is hydrogen pressure vessels.