VW ID Space Vizzion concept previews potential 300-mile electric wagon

Volkswagen’s ID sub-brand for electric cars has spawned its first production model in the form of the ID 3 hatchback, but there are still more concepts on the way.

The latest is the ID Space Vizzion, which was unveiled Tuesday night at the Petersen Automotive Museum to mark the start of an exhibition there that immerses visitors in the ins and outs of Volkswagen Group’s MEB modular EV platform. The concept’s formal debut will take place on Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The handsome wagon is based on the MEB platform and features an 82-kilowatt-hour battery that VW said is good for up to 300 miles of range—as measured by the EPA. The range is aided by a slippery shape whose drag coefficient is just 0.24. When it comes time to topping up the battery, 30 minutes using a 150-kilowatt charger will deliver an 80-percent charge.

VW MEB platform

VW MEB platform

Power comes from an electric motor at the rear axle. It delivers 275 horsepower and will see the vehicle accelerate to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds and top out at a governed 109 mph. Being based on the MEB platform, the vehicle theoretically would have the option of an electric motor at the front axle for all-wheel-drive traction. In this configuration, you’d be looking at 355 hp, according to VW.

Inside, there’s plenty of room thanks to the concept’s generous 195.2-inch length and wheels pushed to the corners. Up front is a digital dash where almost all information is presented via an augmented reality head-up display. There’s also a 15.6-inch touchscreen that allows occupants to control many of the cabin’s functions. Sustainable materials, including an apple-based leather appropriately called AppleSkin, are also present.

As its name suggests, the ID Space Vizzion is an evolution of the ID Vizzion concept unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The large electric sedan is thought to be preview VW’s spiritual successor to the Phaeton and is expected to spawn a production version around 2022.

Volkswagen ID Vizzion Concept

Volkswagen ID Vizzion Concept

VW will use the ID Space Vizzion to gauge interest in whether it should be produced, too. Any launch would have to be a couple of years away, though, assuming the green light is given.

The first ID model due in the United States will be the ID 4 compact SUV, which goes on sale in 2020. Also in the pipeline for our market is a spiritual successor to the Microbus and a large SUV.

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