Alleged patent drawings may hint at production version of Porsche 917 tribute concept

Porsche celebrated the 50th anniversary of its legendary 917 endurance racer last year with the reveal of a stunning tribute concept.

However, we later learned that the concept wasn’t actually developed with the 50th anniversary in mind. In fact, work on the concept started as far back as 2012 and stopped in 2014—five years before the anniversary date.

So, did Porsche have something else in mind for the car?

Dutch website Autovisie last week posted several images alleged to be newly filed patent drawings. They show a car with a design clearly cribbed from the tribute concept, but with elements that seem to suggest a version destined for production.

Porsche 917 Tribute concept

Porsche 917 Tribute concept

For example, the car in the patent drawings is fitted with head and taillights, a fuel-filler cap, and windows. There are also more advanced aerodynamic features not seen on the original tribute concept, including a wide air intake mounted to the roof and a huge wing at the rear.

The car in the patent drawings also has an actual cabin, albeit with only a single seat which suggests that we could be looking at a track-only model. That is if the patent drawings are legitimate, and if Porsche actually plans on putting the car in production.

Porsche 935 customer race car, 2018 Rennsport Reunion

Porsche 935 customer race car, 2018 Rennsport Reunion

One immidiately has to think of the 935 track car that Porsche rolled out in 2018. The car was based on the 991-generation 911 GT2 RS platform and styled almost identically to the original 935 race car of the 1970s and early ’80s. Just 77 of those were built.

Could Porsche be planning something similar using the stunning 917 tribute concept as the basis? We sure hope so.

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